Our Inspiration

Our Story

Our story starts like many other endeavors.  A moment of inspiration that led to obsession and the overwhelming need to create something you believe can be a difference in ourselves and in others. Athlete on Fire will be the inspiration for the legacy of athletes of all levels to be showcased in one place, the Athlete on Fire podcast.

About the Show

Athlete on Fire was created to help every single person that thought they may be able to apply themselves to an athletic endeavor, no matter their ability or circumstance, realize that they could absolutely do so.


AOF is full of interesting adventurers and athletes from unique backgrounds. The podcast is the bread and butter but we are building a movement full of resources that YOU can take advantage of anytime you please. From film projects to coaching services and free training resources, Athlete On Fire will be here to serve you.

Scott Jones


We hope you appreciate what we are trying to do and the best way to show us you like what we are doing is to sit back, put those ear phones in, and get inspired.

NOTE: if you or anyone you know would be an inspiring guest, please email us at athletesonfire@gmail.com