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Athlete On Fire was started to bridge the gap between amazing athletes all over the world and everyday athletes with inspiring stories, resources, and tools. If we can help you reach your goals directly or indirectly, we are doing our job! So check out the podcast for athletes by athletes, read the blog and stayed tuned for a whole bunch more…

From Our Podcasts

070 Aaron German: 16 tough mudders for something he believes in.


Have you ever run for a cause? Well, today’s guest takes that concept and goes all in. He is running all 16 Tough Mudder events in the UK for Help for Heroes, a charity he believes in and is raising money for in his efforts. You have heard the story before. After quitting smoking and losing weight he tried one of (more…)

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From Our Blog

The rutbuster: 5 ways to get out of a rut in work, life, and fitness.

Sometimes it happens. Sometimes you just can’t get all you need or think you need to get done. This leads to more stress and less action. It’s a vicious cycle and it has been studied and documented at length. What I want to do is to give you some things I do to get out of that cycle. Since it is different for everyone, I hope one of these helps you turn things around when you are in the rut of all ruts. (more…)

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