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Who We Are

Athlete On Fire was started to bridge the gap between amazing athletes all over the world and everyday athletes with inspiring stories, resources, and tools. If we can help you reach your goals directly or indirectly, we are doing our job! So check out the podcast for athletes by athletes, read the blog and stayed tuned for a whole bunch more…

From Our Podcasts

WW:19 Weekend Warriors: Hitting the trail in Wild, wonderful, West Virginia And why you don't always have to be perfectly trained.

Join us on this episode of the Weekend Warrior Show presented by Athlete On Fire. We take a little break from the normal format and take the show to the trails. Specifically, a 21.5 mile trek on North Fork Mountain. Tons of ascending and descending on untrained legs leave Scott and his (more…)

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From Our Blog

LOF:005 Rachelanne Gladden Her love is her legacy. Another athlete that finds strength in others' strength!


NOTE: Athlete Profiles are all about the listeners of the Athlete On Fire podcast! Yes, we have some amazing guests on the show but some of YOU listeners out there are just as inspiring. You write to give us feedback and you share your amazing stories with us and we are happy to pass them on to the masses. This is going to be a regular installment so if you or anyone you know is a worthy candidate, shoot us an email and we would love to feature them. Rachelanne wrote in to request our last LOF and her story is just as good as any we have had. So, we had to share it. She is truly a (more…)

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