099 David Clark: From 320 to 160 and that’s just half of this inspiring comeback story

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Our guest was addicted to alcohol and drugs. he was 320 pounds and eating fast food multiple times a day. He had a couple herniated discs and was literally killing himself. The comeback started with a 15 second run and a then to eating better. The runs got longer and he is now an acomplished ultra runner, author, and businessman. He talks candidly about addiction and how he got out of the biggest rut of his life. What’s next? Well his 10 years of being sober is this year and he is doing 10 epic events. You should listen to hear how ambitious this plan is! Enjoy today’s inspiring and thoughtful Athlete On Fire![/bgsection]

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In This Show We Hear

  • Where did he start working at 15?
  • Thoughts on addiction and when you know you are
  • His eating schedule at his unhealthiest
  • Why he had to change to live
  • That first run of 15 seconds
  • His progression to ultra running
  • The treadmill record he missed by a small margin
  • A great running challenge you can try
  • What’s next?It’s epic.


Great Workout

4 times around the oval.

Crazy Habits

He has come a long way with his nutrition!

Connect With David

Amazing resource

Running On Empty: Marshall Ulrich

Fitness On Fire:David

Listen to his challenge on the show or go to our Fitness On Fire page to learn more.

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