069 Reese Ruland: “Toward the mountaintop inch by inch.”


Coaching is a very time consuming thing but for anyone who truly loves to help young athletes, it’s worth every minute. Throw in the fact that you are a sponsored athlete and a race director and you have one very busy person. Learn what it takes to organize and put on a high altitude mountain race. Here how she went to race a marathon and decided on the 45 miler the day before and how she built willpower from the challenge. Enjoy today’s episode with another amazing Athlete On Fire.

“I hate driving, it’s too stressful.”

In This Show We Hear

  • All about her outdoorsy family
  • Why she grew up without a door on her room
  • Why she started race directing
  • What she did for her 20th birthday
  • About her coaching 60 middle schoolers
  • How a marathon turned into a 45 miler
  • Building willpower through bad preparation
  • Go into the mind of a race director
  • How she got her name
  • All about her “mini come a parts”
  • Why you should ride to the trail to run

Quote on Fire

“Toward the mountaintop, inch by inch.”

Quiz on Fire

We take her on a tour of her own name, Reese.

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Letters To A Young Poet

Fitness On Fire: Reese

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