058 Matt and Tom Fitzgerald: Father’s Day episode with matt and his amazing dad, Tom Fitzgerald.

In this, the most recent episode of Athlete On Fire we bring back successful author and runner, Matt Fitzgerald. There is a little spin though. On his first time on the show he mentioned some amazing facts about his dad and we decided for Father’s Day that
there would be no better time to have both of these amazing men on the show. Find out which of Matt’s books is his dad’s favorite. Learn a few pointers on how to be a successful writer as both of these men have authored multiple books. Listen as both give accounts of the “best” and “worst” day as a father and son to each other, respectively. Hint, one had to do with the police on a doorstep. Overall, this is a candid look at two unique men. Together, it’s a laid back episode of Athlete On Fire and you will enjoy the story of where an amazing athlete comes from in this case.

The show notes are minimal as the show was not formatted. Enjoy!


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