048 Willy Syndram: “I don’t do training plans, I just run. “

Our guest is a mountain lover. It is where he gets his energy. It makes him happy. It is so refreshing to hear from someone who knows what they need to refresh and restart and you are going to love this unique interview and perspective from a great competitor. Did we mention he was the first to complete the Peak Ultra 500 miler? He has through hiked the Appalachian Trail multiple times and even put in 890 miles in 19 days one time. That is quick. Listen about his stories encountering wildlife in Alaska and what he is training for now. What happens when you try to run 500 miles? Listen to this amazing Athlete On Fire to find out.



In this show hear:

  • How many times he thru hiked the Appalachian Trail
  • Why the sense of family in ultra running is important to him
  • Why the mountains are healing
  • How to go through the lows and highs of multi day events
  • His amazing account of the Peak Ultra 500
  • How he messes with people on course
  • Learn what the “beautiful pain” refers to
  • Hilarious moose story in AK
  • How long it took him to go 3.5 miles on the AT in winter
  • 8 or 9 2liters of Mt Dew, wow
  • What character from an Ayn Rand book he compares himself to

“You’ll never be able to recreate the feeling of doing something you were told was impossible.”

Success Habit:

  • If it makes you happy it must be good for you.
  • willyprof1

Quote on Fire:

  • “It’s gonna hurt whether you are happy or sad so might as well enjoy it.”

Quiz on Fire:

      We talk about some of his crazy wildlife encounters!

Book on Fire:

The Old Man And The Sea
The Fountainhead


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