046 Richard Bowles: Our first repeat guest on his newest australian adventure!

Our guest is back to share more inspiration and his newest adventure across the ancient backbone of Australia. Taking on a 1200km trek by foot in less than two weeks is no easy task physically or mentally. He shares how he prepares, who is helping him, and why this is such a unique journey. We know he will be back for more as a truly inspiring Athlete On Fire!



In this show hear:

  • His newest 1200km journey
  • Why I shouldn’t ask him the why’s.
  • Why he doesn’t necessarily like to run
  • His description of the Heysen Trail
  • His mental prep for such a big trek
  • His surprising lack of physical training for such a trek
  • Who he is spending his time with to prepare
  • How he is sharing this journey in real time
  • Why you can’t rely on your thoughts
  • His planning process
  • How magic happens when you take action

“The day before, I’ll be terrified.”

Success Habit:

  • Taking action.

Quote on Fire:

  • “Just Do It(or JFDI)

Quiz on Fire:

      Having too much fun to stop today with the shorter format!

Book on Fire:

Grant Cordone


Connect with Rich:

Twitter: @ultrarunnerrich

Resources mentioned during the show:

Heysen Trail

Fitness On Fire: Rich

Listen to his challenge on the show: Run a long distance(10-20 miles and continually go past your house without going inside.
Links coming soon(FOF is going through a redesign)!

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