042 Jamie Walker: A series of happy accidents and long runs!

Our guest is an athlete and entrepreneur. She started running to trim down after some travel and never looked back. As an accomplished ultra runner she shares stories of “happy accidents” and failures, successes and strength from other runners. Her story about how her mom inspired her will resonate with anyone who values their closest relationships and she gives a killer stair workout during the show. While you are listening don’t forget that she is running two amazing startups in the active living, health and fitness industry. What a great one for all of you aspiring runners and entrepreneurs alike. Enjoy episode 42!


In this show hear:

  • Where she got her work ethic
  • How she got started in ultra’s
  • How Italy was integral in her starting to run
  • How she won her first 10k ever
  • Why she start sweat guru and fit approach
  • What did her mom do to inspire her
  • Why she put her head in a horse trough
  • Her jolly rancher story
  • Why she gets her training in early in the day
  • What a day in the life for her is like
  • Her take on yoga for runners

“Embrace the highs and manage the lows.”

Success Habit:

  • Getting up and sweating before the day starts.

Quote on Fire:

  • “It’s forward progress, just keep moving.”

Quiz on Fire:

    We talk training run stories!

    Book on Fire:

    The Alchemist



    Connect with Susan:

    Twitter: @jamiewalker19
    Sweat Guru
    Fit Approach


    Resources mentioned during the show:

    Born To Run Ultra

    Fitness On Fire: Jamie

    Listen to her challenge: One legged hops up the stairs, and then some.
    Links coming soon(FOF is going through a redesign)!

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