023 Sherpa John Lacroix: From the White Mountains to the Rockies, a passionate peak bagger and ultra runner.

Our guest bagged every one of New Hampshires 48 4,000 foot peaks multiple times and even in the winter. He is an avid ultra runner and as passionate about his athletic pursuits as any guest we’ve had on the show. He shares some great inspiring stories and even one about a blind man doing amazing things in the mountains. You are going on an adventure today!



In this show hear:

  • How many peaks he “bagged” in the White Mountains
  • Learn New Hamphire geography from his P.O.V.
  • 170 days of fog?
  • How many times his summitted the 48 4k mts in New Hampshire
  • Learn his introduction to ultra running
  • The difference between CO and NH mountains
  • His inspiring story of a blind friend that did amazing things
  • Teddy Bruschi and mountains, huh
  • Hear his training regime for the Big Horn 100
  • Why walking is so important for ultra runners

“You have to be stubborn and handle quite a bit of discomfort.”

Success Habit:

  • Walking- speaks to the facts that most Ultra runs incorporate lots of walking.


Quote on Fire:

  • “Left right, repeat.”

Quiz on Fire:

      He bags peaks in NH, so we quiz him a little on some of his favorites.

Book on Fire:

Forest And Crag



Connect with John:

Twitter: @sherpajohn
Sherpa John Website

“I keep my grandfather close to my heart.”

Resources mentioned during the show:

2020 Vision Quest– Amazing charity John mentions.
Big Horn 100 – race he mentions

Fitness On Fire: John Lacroix

John gives a challenge for all of you!

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