112: Jeffrey Binney You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.

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Our guest is on a mission to run the Leadville 100. Why did he lose so much weight and hire one of the best ultra coaches out there to make this a reality? Who inspired him to take this journey? Growing up on a pig farm in the midwest and going on to make people laugh on the stages of NYC and network TV, he has a unique background for an ultra runner. He is funny, and real, and knows his own story well enough to keep you interested in every next word! Enjoy this episode of the Athlete On Fire show.[/bgsection]


Prefer To Watch?

Cool, because we recorded on Google Hangouts Live. The Murphy bed makes this video really pop!

One More Point:

This was a really fun, and interesting interview.  If you grew up in the midwest, or the south, or in the country, or anywhere where people overeat, you are probably going to “get” Jeffrey.  His mom passed because of largely preventable Type II Diabetes. It inspired Jeffrey to say enough.  People do this all the time. Sometimes it sticks, and inspires, and the quality of life of the individual is forever improved. And, well, sometimes it doesn’t.  A year or two passes and old habits trickle back in. I think Jeffrey is going to make it for the long haul.  A changed lifestyle to help others realize they can do it too. An advocate for adventure and getting out there and doing something epic.

The cool thing about Jeffrey.  He’ll be making people laugh while he inspires.

[bctt tweet=”Could there be two more important things in life? Laughing and your health. I don’t think so.”]

Sidenote:  I know it must be taboo to tell a comedian they better make you laugh before an interview but he is an athlete.  He’ll have plenty of pressure on himself at Leadville 100 so might as well start prepping him in my own little way!

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