Your Independence Day

Your Independence Day

This is going to take you less than 5 minutes to read.  It’s not a roadmap, it’s a thought provoker. Think of how to address these concepts to your personal, business, and athletic life.

After this weekend of Independence in the USA.  Let’s claim our independence from the things holding us back from greatness.  Rarely would be great in one thing without some carry over. So, overall greatness as well as athletic greatness.  Sport, athletics, competition are THE greatest metaphor for life as it is so let’s break free.  As the young United States broke free from the British, so too shall you from these that hold you down.  Luckily, you are the one holding yourself back.  Start with these 4 today.



Free yourself from the bed:  The snooze button is worthless.  It says to get ready to wake up by training you to lay around.  It is like giving an overweight person in line for weight loss pill a candy bar to pass the time.  Holy hell that makes no sense.  If you can’t seem to break free from the spell of the SNOOZE button, you need a plan.  Try these:

  • Have a plan before you go to sleep. What is the first thing you will do when you wake up?  If you know before the alarm goes off what to do then you can pop up and get to it.  Try popping out of bed and doing 50 pushups!
  • Think of someone important to you that can’t live your life.  Be grateful and honor those who can’t by attacking every gift of a day.  The grateful start the day quickly.
  • Don’t hit the snooze button, EVER.  Train yourself out of it.  What you want to do HAS to be more important and more rewarding than laying there.
  • Okay, you are tired, we get it.  Who isn’t tired waking up to an unatural sound? Get to bed earlier.  No caffeine after 3 pm. No alcohol right before bed. Hydrate. Get to sleep at a consistent time.


2.  The EXCUSE:

Free yourself from excuses, justifications, reasons, and whatevers.  They all are lame yet we all do it from time to time.  It’s time to change. Find friends that will hold you accountable.  Break free from the blame of why you didn’t run fast enough, make enough, do enough.  It’s only stressing you out and holding you back.  Try to notice when you are making excuses.  It’s a pattern that can be broken if you are open to it.  My wife and I call each other on excuses.  It’s hard and it’s personal and sometimes painful and we are both becoming better every day because of the honesty of it all. You can too!



Free yourself from artificial stimulation. This one is tough.  Successful athletes, musicians, and business people are successful many times because they are willing to focus on the minutiae every, single, day.  Running 5 miles a day or sitting and writing for 3 hours a day.  It can get boring.  The results are never boring though.  Faster times.  More followers. More money. It all adds up.  You don’t have to have some crazy stimulus to make it through though.  I used to think I needed coffee, or food to get through certain things.  Do you eat when you need to be working?  Do you use your time to find ways to making something more exciting instead of more productive?  Find out when you are doing things primarily for stimulation instead of being productive.



Free yourself from negativity.

It’s time to break free from people that don’t want you to be free.

The snarky comment everytime you go for a run, eat healthy, don’t go out and party.  They aren’t pressuring you because they really want you to do those things, they are pressuring you because they aren’t doing them, and your discipline and success bothers them.

You know this situation with friends and family.  You have to communicate your goals to others and if they aren’t willing to be supportive, it’s time for minimal to no interaction.  With friends, cut them out or redefine what being a friend means to you.  They might not be a true friend.  Family is important to us so cutting family out wouldn’t be an option but being in situations where these things rarely come up is doable.  Start building a team of positive people in your life.  It’s too short to always be apologizing for the greatness you are striving for.


So there are four things you can break free from to get closer to greatness.  The best time to start, for everything, is always NOW!