WW:41 Weekend Warriors: Top 5 athlete movies. A 15 minute jump rope set for agility and cardio!

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This week’s episode breaks down the 5 best athlete themed movies ever. Well, at least in the host’s eyes. A new project is brewing and we share it with you on the show. We take two elite ultra runners and coaches, pair them with a coule runners who have never run an ultra, and film, record, and follow their journey. Lastly, a great jump rope set to get your heart rate and agility up! Enjoy this Weekend Warrior on the Athlete On Fire show.

Links from the show:

The Becoming Ultra project is following the journey of 2 runners trying to become an Ultra runner. Check it out HERE.
Five of the best Athlete movies ever!
1. Brian’s Song
2. Unbroken
3. Remember The Titans
4. The Natural
5. Prefontaine/Without Limits


Fitness On Fire:

Jump Rope Interval Set:
2 min AND ladder

Do the following for 5 sets:
1. Jump consistently at a pace you can sustain for 2 minutes.
2. Alternating leg ladder. Jump on one foot once, then the other once, one foot twice, the other twice, and so on until ten each foot. Start over if you mess up. Only go to five if you are a newbie!

Share it up, challenge a friend.


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