WW:19 Weekend Warriors: Hitting the trail in Wild, wonderful, West Virginia And why you don’t always have to be perfectly trained.

Join us on this episode of the Weekend Warrior Show presented by Athlete On Fire. We take a little break from the normal format and take the show to the trails. Specifically, a 21.5 mile trek on North Fork Mountain. Tons of ascending and descending on untrained legs leave Scott and his old college buddy Jered worn out but in high spirits. We check in every 5 or so miles and try to bring you the experience as we saw it together. We are both young parents and wanted to give you a reason to go try something big even if you are not trained perfectly for it. Enjoy the show and get out there and be the athlete you all are! Enjoy this weeks Weekend Warrior show!



  • Most of today was recorded from the trail!
  • Stories of adventure in the military
  • 3 reasons you don’t always need to train
  • Crickets?
  • Why having fun keeps you moving
  • What’s new with AOF?
  • “The trail at 6:30 am”




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