WW:15 Weekend Warriors: From bierstadt, a very busy 14er comes many observations and coincidences!

The Weekend Warrior Show is all about sharing behind the scenes information about Athlete On Fire and everything connected to Athlete On Fire. In today’s episode Scott goes and tells it on the mountain. Well, for at least a
part of the show. Some crazy and unique interactions and observations from a busy 14ers in the Colorado Rockies mountains and he asks one question he needs to know about YOU regarding nature. We also dive into the last few and upcoming episodes and a family on the mountain that inspired Scott this weekend! If you have an interest in what makes a serial entrepreneur tick as well as the day to day, this is a good show for you!



  • Amphetamine on the mountain?
  • Thoughts on music in the outdoors
  • Observations from a busy 14er
  • How my son is now a certified podcaster
  • Upcoming athletes
  • What’s new with AOF?
  • “Lauren and Wyatt(the star of episode 61 intro) working out together!”



    Fitness On Fire:Weekend Edition

    20 pull ups
    30 push ups
    40 sit ups
    50 squats

    50 double unders(or short box jumps)

    Do this set five times and decrease the double unders by 10 every set. ENJOY


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