WW:02 Weekend Warriors: Scott on new apps, hip mobility, SUP athletes, and why there even is an Episode #2.

Scott talks about the call to action that got more women involved in the show. It’s boys weekend in Colorado but it’s not what you think. He tried a new video app this week and would love some feedback. The Boston Marathon is getting close so find out what AOF is doing regarding this fact. With tons of little nuggets don’t forget to try to 3 exercise hip mobility set he shares. Weekend Warrior, part dos.



In this show hear:

  • What’s inspiring Scott right now?
  • What was a hidden gem in this weeks interviews
  • How we are trying new ways to engage, good and bad
  • How difficult, or easy, was Joe Deckers workout for Scott
  • How Boston is on our mind
  • Why there are elites and everyday athletes on the same show

    “Boys weekend in effect.”


    Resources mentioned during the show:

    Twitter: @athleteonfire
    Nathan Woods– Guest he interviewed this week!
    Joe Decker workout- Did early in the week, did you try it yet?
    @bomberbreaks – Twitter feed of the voice over talent from AOF audio intro.