#Voices4vets: “The bullet bullet was bouncing up and down with his heartbeat, sitting directly on his femoral artery.”

“It doesn’t get much closer than this,” the doctor told Jered in a MASH unit in a war zone as he showed him the bullet laying directly on his younger brother’s femoral artery. This was in 2004 and maybe as unlikely as any war time event. Listen today as Jered tells the story. He takes us on his military career in the jungles of Panama where he was stalked by a panther for a full night. His unlikely 2 week career and what it led to present day bringing jobs and industry to his small home town on the Ohio river. Lastly, listen to the inspiring story of love and what it takes to raise a little girl with the rarest of diseases. Athlete On Fire has teamed up with Voices For Vets to share the story of a veteran along with 45 other podcasts. We can’t help but think our Athlete On Fire is going to have one of the best and most inspiring stories out there.

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Voices4Vets – The movement featuring over 45 podcasts with vets this veterans day!

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