UltraDirt:02 Adam Takacs and the “Zen Badass” approach to running and life.

Adam Takacs is a Toronto based ultramarathon runner who has a ‘Zen Badass’ approach to running and life. We met Adam last fall in the Netherlands at 100km World Championships. We immediately admired his fat adapted lifestyle and laid back aura. He loves his cat Fisher and his hot wife Julie. Aside from running in the outdoors, he is an avid hunter and fisher who prefers eating wild game. (Sometimes peanut M&Ms during 100 milers).

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Tory and Arielle in front of Adam.
Tory and Arielle in front of Adam.




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scott brownreply
February 20, 2016 at 3:24 pm

Criticizing other runners for their diet choices? Seriously???? You choose to eat meat because thats what you think fuels you, then go for it. But dont criticize other people for what they believe works for them. Based on my research, “Paleo”, High fat diets, etc. they’re all really just trends with not a lot of scientific data behind them. By the way 1 lb of meat takes 10,000 liters of water to produce it. Thats not a sustainable diet for this world. Peace.

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