TPK – Two people with one vision.

Having been brought together by the Death Race, both Brandon and Odette – two punk kids – now find that living life is so much better.

A keen love of the outdoors is consolidated by the fact that nature doesn’t discriminate.

“She will expose you for who you are,:” explains Odette.  “If you’re willing to learn she will reveal your strengths, weaknesses, and insecurities. It’s truly magical when you unplug and commit to getting lost. Being alone with your thoughts and forcing yourself evaluate who you are is eye-opening. We want this.

Always searching for good vibes in the midst of modern life with it’s chaos and adversity, these two friends harness nature to breathe fresh air into their lungs, both literally and figuratively.

“We seek out events that facilitate this,” she continues. “We crave being around other people that are our kinda crazy.

We have made lifelong friends and met some of the planet’s most rad humans doing these events.We wanted an excuse to hang out with these people again, so we made one and created TPK Endurance.”

Listen here all about TPK.

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