The Warm Up: The week of February 16, 2015

Quick note on the Warm Up:

Since we have been producing so much content over here we wanted to be able to give you a good idea of the goings on before they happened. What shows are releasing? Who is being interviewed next? We are doing this so if you see someone you would like to learn more about, you can send us questions and we can bring them right to the show. Sometimes, we won’t know until last minute who is coming and sometimes the schedule changes during the week but you get the picture.


Weekend Warrior Episode 40 – This episode of the Weekend Warrior go back a couple months to update you on the success of a former guest and her friend as they ran 2350km across the the Freedom Trail in South Africa for a cause that is easy to support. Some takeaways from guests with some great success of their own and a quick, intense workout where all you need is a picnic table.


AOF:104 Mark Kalch
Mark’s project, 7rivers7continents, is more than a little ambitious. He has to date paddled from source to sea the Amazon, Volga, and Missouri/Mississippi rivers. His stories of adventure take a back seat to the stories of humanity. A truly fun, interesting take on life on the water!


AOF:105 Seyi Smith
Canadien sprinter with a crazy account of disqualification in the London Olympics. Has some great insight to the mental and physical aspect of sprinting. He is hungry to get back to Rio and after listening to the heartbreak, you’ll know why.
We don’t have any scheduled interviews but that will probably change once we check the inbox on Monday morning! Have a great week and remember, everyone is an Athlete!