The Training

We are offering custom group training for anyone wanting to push like an athlete no matter where they are starting.  Coached by life time performance coach and exercise physiologist, Scott Jones.

From the coach…

After training in just about every format with every level of athlete (yes, you are an athlete), I have found what most recreational and competitive athletes need.

The group training…

The programming…

Programming will generally be composed of three types of training sessions.
  1.  Traditional Heavy Days:  Starting with a full body warm up and diving into legit heavy weight training.  Heavy is relative to the individual but working hard with big muscles groups and plenty of recovery between sets to get the most out of your time and each rep.
  2. Heavy/Functional Days:  After the warm up we will be pushing weight around but also implementing cardio, agility, and bodyweight movements.  Less recovery, high energy!
  3.  Trainers Choice:  Basically, come ready for anything.  It ain’t gonna be pretty but you’ll walk out knowing you got after it!

How it works…

Pretty simple really.  Sign up and show up.  Here is the schedule.  Since it’s just one coach the schedule will be updated for 6-8 weeks in advance.

The facility is located behind Blue Spruce Brewing at County Line and Colorado.

4151 E County Line Rd unit b, Centennial, CO 80122

The Schedule