SISU:RADIO:32 Andi Hardy is smiling through the pain.

If you’ve done a Spartan Race or a Spartan workout in the last 4 years, chances are you have either seen or met Andi Hardy.

A veteran of the OCR and Endurance circuit, Andi has taken her own brand of fitness to not only the workout, but has also worked on Spartan Endurance’s Hurricane Heat too. Now having tasted as much as the OCR world has to offer, lately Andi has been turning her attention more towards the endurance branch of the fitness world.

Having already done the Death Race, The Sisu Iron, The Agoge and more besides, she is looking to do more long haul events.

Cookie from Team Sisu caught up with her recently and discussed, amongst other things, why when they first met, she was covered in nothing but duct tape.

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