Here are the Rules of Athlete on Fire as told by me, the host, Scott Jones.

  1. Never British

    I love the UK and have met some amazing people there but I WILL NOT use them for their lovely voices on my podcast intro, mainly because every other show does.  Yes, I’m sure I am missing millions of conversions to their seductive voices but I’m not freaking British. I’ll use some twangy West Virginian before I sell out. On a separate note, I love my guests from the UK. Shout out to Richard Bowles and Ian Sharman!

  2. Truth serum

    I have a M.S. in exercise science which means I have a pretty good understanding of training, physiology and general principles but if I don’t know something, I will make this promise now, I won’t B.S. you. Please call me out if I do. A good example is if I was interviewing Team USA luge athlete Chris Mazdzer(I did and his show is coming soon) and he told me how tough it is on his neck flying down the track at 5 G’s and I said, “For sure man, I know what you mean.” Get it? Ok.

  3. Anti-Douche

    I won’t read my introduction or questions during the show. I know I did on one of my first interviews because I was nervous I would miss something but never again. It’s lazy, which I’m not. It’s douchey, which I don’t think I am. Why, because if I couldn’t research enough about my guest for a 10 second introduction then I am wasting their, and your time. If you can pick out my reading in the first 10 episodes I’ll send you a customized 4 week training program. Just tweet my reads to @athleteonfire with #athletereader

  4. Beautifulishness

    Yeah I made up a word. But for real, I want you to spend time on my website. It’s why I hired an amazing photographer and designer(he designs websites and clothes, check it) We have amazing images and engaging content. We want you to hang out here so if it starts looking like an infomercial like so many other podcast and training sites, I’ll drop and give you 100 burpees. For real, call me out on our ugliness @athleteonfire with #uglyathlete


That’s about it for now. I want to be held accountable.I like to be coached.

Scott Jones
Host and Creator of Athlete on Fire