091 On The Road: An audio review of Rebecca’s private Idaho.

We hit the road, 13 hours of it from Denver to beautiful Ketchum, Idaho. We make the trip for Rebecca Rusch’s 2nd annual riding of Rebecca’s Private Idaho, a gravel grinder race in the amazing Sun Valley. This show is a compilation of some of the most interesting and unique participants in the weekend’s festivities. The ride was great but learning more about the town, the people, and the causes was what really made it so cool. Rebecca even has a cameo at the end of the show. Enjoy this, the first ever event review on the Athlete On Fire show!

Full Disclosure: Ben and I were comped a room for 2 nights in Ketchum to come and ride. That’s it though. I just had such a good time and met so many interesting people that I thought it would make for a cool episode. As an event director, I think Rebecca and her awesome team will appreciate hearing from some of the participants! Enjoy.


Austin does so much in the mt. biking community for youth programming all over the country. Listen and learn about the organization that is growing this awesome sport. He is also going to be featured in an upcoming Athlete On Fire episode so stay tuned.

Ben Welnak was my road trip buddy and the founder of Mountain Bike Radio. He is doing some really cool things in the mt. biking world and has a unique take on RPI. He was also featured in a previous full episode.
Burke had some mechanical issues on course but managed to do well. Serious cyclist with a great background and take on Ketchum. Here is his featured show.
Katie rode well and was there representing World Bicycle Relief. Check out their amazingly inspiring video.
Neil writes for Road Bike Action and has spent a lot of time at unique events. He claims RPI to be one of the best all around. Listen why.
Sarah went ahead and won the women’s race. We loved her story so much that we shared it here.


And there you have it, the Rebecca Rusch, “Queen Of Pain.”

Go hop on the bike and listen to the reviews from these amazing cyclists and come on out next year to see for yourself what Rebecca’s Private Idaho is all about.