006 Richard Bowles: Crocodiles, volcanoes, girlfriends, oh my! And lots of running.

In this episode our guest takes us on his journey as an ultra endurance runner. His energy is contagious and you’ll be surprised to find out how he really feels about running! You gotta check out this video if you are on the fence about Richard!



In this show learn about:

  • How many marathons he has run.
  • Why he blames Australia for his running addiction
  • 5330 Km trail he ran across Australia
  • His early days of pyromania
  • That he actually doesn’t like running
  • The farmer that pulled a gun on him
  • His amazing description of New Zealand trails
  • His take on living in the moment
  • His hilarious Crocodile story
  • Thoughts on Kanye West and boldness
  • The best take on why legacy is important to date

Success Habit:

  • Has a hard time pinning it down but coffee ends up as the winner. Talks about how it’s tough to stay motivated like everyone else in the world.


Quote on Fire:

  • “Ordinary is my enemy.”

Connect with Richard Bowles:

Twitter: @ultrarunnerrich
Facebook: @ultrarunnerrichard


Athlete on Fire resources inspired by Richard Bowles’s interview:

Mt Sinabung– The active Sumatran volcano he mentions in the show.
Bi-Centennial Trail– The trail he has run.

Fitness on Fire:

Richard takes a different direction and has a challenge for you all to try out next time you run, ideally while you listen to his show.