Reaction: Trish Downing

Reaction: posts are going to be thoughts and takeaways from something that really stuck from one of the guests on Athlete on Fire. What reaction or thoughts did the Trish Downing show give you?


The whole story is amazing, really amazing. A young vibrant cyclist coming home from a training ride in Colorado and gets hit by a car and there it is, the defining moment. Trish of course does more than define the moment, she has gone on to redefine able.


My favorite part of the show is when Trish gives advice to young women.


To paraphrase, “Keep an open mind. I always thought I knew how everything in my life would go from the school I went to to the….the fact is, you have no idea how anything will turn out so if you keep an open mind, you will be able to handle whatever is thrown at you better.”


The instant that defines Trish played to her strengths. She obviously loves a challenge and I didn’t know her before but I can’t imagine her being any less vibrant. As the first paraplegic to finish an Ironman she is as on “fire” as I’m sure any athlete I’ll interview and that inspires me.


What if we all kept an open mind in life, business, and competition? Maybe it would look something like this:



You wanted to go to a Division I school and play baseball but you got redshirted. You decided that maybe just playing no matter the level would make you happy so you transferred to a small school. You had more free time so you got a job at a ski resort and learned how to snowboard. You finished school and moved to the best place to snowboard in the world.



You snowboarded every weekend and went off on your own all the time. You happened to sit next to your future wife one day.



You thought you would land a great job with great benefits but soon learned that would not make you happy. You went off on your own with a few small businesses and followed your heart and gut. You found inspiration in other peoples stories so you start a podcast where you get to interview amazing people like Trish Downing.


Yes, these are all about me and no they are nothing compared to the open mind that Trish had to turn a tragic event into something that others can draw strength from and I want to thank her again for that.


Now we all have a reason to keep an open mind and realize that expecting something doesn’t make it happen and the strongest hearts and minds are most often the most open!