Reaction: Tommy Watkins

“I wasn’t the strongest,
wasn’t the fastest
and I didn’t have the best arm but the heart that I played with was always on my side.”

This quote comes straight from Tommy’s mouth during the Athlete on Fire interview and there is so much that everyone should take from it that I decided to share why it’s so powerful.

The fact is, there is only ONE fastest, ONE strongest, ONE smartest, ONE richest, ONE of just about anything. The mere fact that most people try to compare themselves to the best of any given discipline has been paralyzing people forever. Get out there and use your unique skill, talent or point of view. What is your “heart”? Find your passion and let that energy drive you to take action. I’d love to help. Shoot me an email and let me know what what your passion is. Maybe I can help!

Scott Jones
Host/Founder of Athlete on Fire