OR Day One: January 21st, 2015: Mike Baker, CEO of SOLE

This show was recorded and released on January 21, 2015:

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Mike Baker is the CEO of SOLE. Mike has sponsored some segments of the Athlete On Fire show and now it’s time to hear from him. A passionate business and family man, Mike gets out and lives adventurously as well. Today though, we just learn about the mega trade show that is Outdoor Retailer from an industry veteran. Enjoy.
How did I meet Mike? One of the creative/marketing leads heard my interview with Dean Karnazes and loved it. They have sponsored him and do some big charity with him and liked the platform. We have been talking about how to tell better stories about the athletes they work with, sooooo, that’s where Athlete On Fire comes in. To be able to reach and meet some of these amazing athletes is such an honor and SOLE is as laid back a culture you could ever imagine. It’s been a cool start to a partnership!

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