Once Is Enough:02 Why I waited to lose 100 pounds before taking my before picture.

When you take you your shirt off for the world to see after losing 100 pounds and still call it a before picture, you are doing something right, right? Jeffrey takes us on a personal journey as he continues to train for the Leadville 100 to honor his mom and other aspiring athletes. What does it feel like to lose a toenail? He talks about this with his best buds and comedians on the show. Injuries, we have that too. A back injury and how he is dealing with it. Leroy, Jeffrey’s running buddy also gets some love in the second of this series on the Athlete On Fire Network!

On the show, hear about:

  • Once Is Enough The Film
  • My back injury
  • My first attempts at real speed work
  • My dog and running partner Leroy
  • Annie & Kevin examine my blistered toenailless feet
  • Annie & Kevin react to my awkward before photo video

Check out this video Jeffrey did for the show.  Toenail warning.

He is great on camera, and freakin funny too. His buddy Leroy gets some love on the show and his shirtless, somewhat awkward moment.

You have to check out his project site!



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