This page.

This page isn’t listed. Every once in awhile, I’ll share it. It gets keeps me up at 2am and up at 4am. Not thinking about them but thinking about what they will think about me one day. My dad did it right. Now I know how. I hope you will feel that my energy to create something that matters with Athlete On Fire comes from somewhere real, because it does.

The cinemagraph.

This was taken in Moorefield, West Virginia in November of 2015.  We were visiting my parents for a couple weeks.  It’s in the country.  It was chilly so the boys little cheeks were bright red.  My dad was and still is going through every other day in home dialysis administered by my saintly mom.  It was a nice trip.  This image captures so much personality.  I am new at these cinemagraphs but think they can be a powerful art!