AOF:153 Lisa Smith-Batchen is Running the nation.

Lisa Smith-Batchen is no stranger to big goals and big dreams.  Listen to how and why she goes so big!

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Lisa shares her passion for life and all things running with Athlete On Fire. Find out how she ended up in one of the most beautiful places in the United States.  Her philosophy on happiness.  Why following your dream is good parenting and what crazy dream she is embarking upon in 2016.  Her heart is big for charity and helping others and you will come away learning something about her, and yourself after this episode of Athlete On Fire.


On the show:

  • How she made it to Jackson Hole, Wyoming
  • Why she is running across the country
  • Her favorite trail in Jackson
  • The race she Race Directs in Wyoming
  • The charity and amazing band she is working with for her Run The Nation
  • Follow her on social HERE

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