A happy birthday gift from my dad, who passed away 10 months ago.

Athlete On Fire was founded on the idea that we can fight for something both on the field and off and still be a good person the whole time.
It was modeled after my dad and after he passed away last October I searched frantically for a file I knew I didn’t want to lose.  I wrote this after he passed if you want to check it out.  Probably the toughest writing I’ve done.
I recorded the first interview for Athlete On Fire back in December of 2013 with my dad as the guest in his bedroom at his house in Denver, Colorado.
He moved out here to be the uber grandpa for all four of his grandkids, including my two boys.  We started “Boys Tuesdays” where my boys, dad, and I would go to lunch and hang out.
Ideally, until they went off to college and found glory on the field…haha  Anyway, I didn’t publish because we both thought our energy was blah and so I just kept it.
But, I couldn’t find the dang thing.  Until the day before the first birthday I would spend without him to talk to.
So, it’s his first of what I hope are many posthumous birthday gifts to yours truly, Scott Jones, the founder of Athlete On Fire which is based on the life of my dad, Scott Jones.

A man’s dad’s voice.

It bonds fathers to sons.

Lets them know they are loved.

It’s sings them to sleep and

tells stories of kings, and brings pride to all things.

It coaches,

it praises,

and sometimes it raises (lets be honest, always raises).

And sometimes it just fades away,

and sometimes on lazy days as I age it,

just comes from above.


On the show:

3:00 Early days in West Virginia

9:00 Tony McKenna Story

13:00 Inspirational quotes

“If you are not where you want to be, you are nowhere.”

“Failure is not an option.”

14:30   Why he started coaching.

15:45 Mentors/Coaches that mattered to him

18:15  Failure

20:50 What in his life gave him an advantage.

“I had three months to live.”

“The chemo was the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through.”

“The tumors had shrunk, the spots were gone.”

“My temp shot up to 107 and they thought I was dead.”

25:20  The conversation with his dad he’ll never forget.

“Do you think I’ll make it?”



“Because you hate to lose.”

27:30  Weird habits

28:20  Inspiring books and movies

29:30 Why do ya want to wake up tomorrow morning?

29:50 Is Legacy important to you?

30:20 For every kid he has ever coached

“Coach you don’t know what you did for all of us.”


NOTE: If there are people in your life you really truly love.  Record their voice.  In secret or on purpose but just do it.  Have  a real conversation with them.  When it all fades away the one thing you’ll want more than anything is their voice.  Their one, unique, voice.