Guys Night:001 3Tread: 3Row: 3Random

When my second kid was born three years ago, I ran out of time.


So, I reached out to a few buddies with similar situations and we started working out at 9pm on Tuesday nights. Almost four years later and we are still at it. The workouts are usually pretty tough.  A few of us get competitive and a few of us just get through it.


The sweat is always flowing, post beer always cold, and the company always great.


I’ll be posting these workouts for you to try.  This one was pretty short and intense to get back at it after 2 months of fairly sedentary living after the passing of my pops.

And for the love of all things good, if you are in Colorado, you gotta join us.  This guy did once last year.

The Workout:  3 SETS (9 minutes/set)

3 minutes on the treadmill at 15% incline and 3.5 mph

3 minutes rowing keeping under 2:10 pace/500m

Then this set in under 3 minutes:

  • 30 feet bear crawl
  • 30 feet crab walk
  • Our weight was 70 lb dumbbell squat press (35lb/hand) Elbows to knees.  10 reps
  • Machine pull downs>> Heaviest you can handle for 10 reps
  • 10 sit ups


Note: We did three sets in about 30 minutes.  Light night but felt pretty worked.  We all started at a different station which was decided by the time tested rock….paper…scissors.  1, 2, shoot for the record.