DreAllDay:04 The three things I really want to tell my younger self.

Dre Baldwin reveals 3 things he would tell his younger self if given the opportunity.

The three things.

  1. Start educating yourself outside of school ASAP. School is designed to create employees and you dot want to be one! So you need some other education. Find it.
  2. Learn how to sell. Everything is life is driven by sales, so it would be smart to get experienced and good at it. If you cannot sell or are afraid of selling, you’ll be stuck with the handouts life gives you, like hourly jobs.
  3. People skills are more important than book skills. So learn who to work with, talk to, and listen to people! Learn how to win friends and influence people. Make friends and build a network of people who know and like you. It will pay off for you later.


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A master communicator who teaches people on how to better communicate their sales pitches, make connections and listen to others, Dre looks back on his high school and college years for what he would have wanted someone to tell him back then. You would be smart to listen up and apply this stuff. It works.

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