eat sleep breathe

Do you eat, sleep, and breathe anything?

I thought I was there. I thought I ate, slept and breathed my events. I was wrong. To eat, sleep, and breathe something is not always a choice. It comes from deep inside yourself when finally your passion and expertise line up with what you can offer the world. The realization that this offering can change the world and the urgency to make it all happen is a great feeling and good for business.

Lauren, my wife, and I had started putting on events in 2010 in hopes of starting a business we could love that lined up with our personal mission of getting people moving and having our own business. It grew over a few years to include over 18 events this last year. Work ethic and never giving up can sometimes give an illusion of passion. We physically worked so hard to make it happen that there wasn’t time to think if it was worth it. Time still will tell but I know this much, I didn’t eat, sleep and breathe that business. Here’s how I know and how you can make better decisions when starting something you think you are passionate about.

I have started this podcast featuring athletes of all levels and situations to inspire listeners with their stories as well as show what drives people in different situations. I am already learning so much. One of my first guests, Amanda Brooks of Run To The Finish said that she loves running because it makes her happy(sleep). Well, tons of things make us happy but she brought it home by saying it is something she doesn’t have to be motivated to do(breathe)

This is how I know Athlete on Fire will succeed. I am Eating, Sleeping, and Breathing it. Read below to find out if you are with your job, sport, family, or start up. If not, you may want to cut your losses now.


Eat: Everyone eats. It happens a few times a day. You and most everyone has the energy to get out to do something that will pay for your living expenses but there isn’t a passion here always. It could be a thought that a certain business could be very profitable but that fact alone can’t sustain a business.

For Athlete on Fire the EAT was listening to other shows I enjoyed that inspired me. A seed was planted but no action were necessary because I didn’t and couldn’t commit at the time. What are you “eating” right now? Is it lingering? Should you take the next step?


Sleep: Everyone Sleeps. It happens once a day for a sustained amount of time. In this context it is taking the next step, committing more time and effort. Most start-ups can get here. It’s the grind.

In this context it is taking the next step, committing more time and effort. Most start-ups can get here.

The problem is that it usually isn’t enough. This could be compared to starting a blog with the idea you would post every day and you fizzle out in a week. Or learning a new language, or instrument. The EAT got you interested, SLEEP made you take the next step but you were missing something. Have you started a business or anything else that just missed the passion to follow through? In hindsight, were you just not hungry enough?

Athlete on Fire went from idea to prototype and soon we will find out if I am truly “breathing” AOF.


Breath: Everyone breaths, every second of every day. It consumes you. It is healthy. This is the missing piece for so many endeavors. Lauren and I wanted to put on events. I have to do AOF. Here’s how I knew. I interviewed MY DAD. He is one of the most inspiring people I know. To even get to the point where I felt good enough to interview him took months and months of set up. The second we were done and I knew his story was on record with me asking the questions, I knew that every second of work was worth it. If I don’t interview one more person it is already worth it. Breathing is passion. Breathing is your heart and mind syncing so perfectly that questions are answered in your chest about whether to move forward, not on an accounting spreadsheet. Are you eating, sleeping, AND breathing something right now? Congrats, it’s a great feeling.

AOF is my breathe right now and I hope the listeners feel and hear this passion. I hope they challenge themselves with our Fitness on Fire workouts and I hope the athletes I interview are as excited to have their account of their journey as I was to have my dads!

NOTE: Mark Cuban always tells contestants on the popular show Shark Tank that they need to eat, sleep, and breathe their business. This is where this post originated. Send me an email about your eat, sleep, and breathe moment and I will share with our listeners!

Scott Jones
Host and Creator