Different and Same

The backstory

Six years ago I met a man and his son.  His son was eleven years old, wiry, and pretty funny. He was a normal kid. He had a prosthetic for his right leg.  He wrestled.  I trained them both together and have for the last 6 years.  They are awesome people.


I have worked with clients, and still do, with MS, Cerebral Palsy, one leg, no legs, and many other forms of human that have challenged and excited me.  My default, work them harder (as is necessary and often harder than they ever have) and treat them more like an athlete than they have ever been treated.  It empowers them, challenges me and everyone is happy.  The science of exercise and performance can be artful with a little creativity.  Blake, in this video, was no different.  He is a wrestler so he knows how to work hard but never harder than during sessions with his pops.


Earlier this summer they brought up hiking a 14er, one of Colorado’s 57 peaks over 14,000 feet. I had led many groups up one of the beginner peaks and was pumped to put together a training plan for them.  For six week we worked on hills for the up and the downs.


Built eccentric strength for the downhill and built on top of his fitness for the ups.
An early morning two days before Blake’s first day of his senior year in high school we hit the trailhead at 7 am.  By 9:15 we had summited.  He killed it.  I videoed a bunch of it and decided that the years of knowing and training him should be put into a short video.  I used what limited editing skills I had and put all my heart into the lyrics and narration.  Below is what came of it.   Hope you enjoy and if you were on the fence, you may now realize that everyone is an athlete, EVERYONE!