CoolDown: 009 A twin cities marathon 4th place after a crazy, and challenging summer of racing.

Ariana is back to share her race experience in Minneapolis where she finished within striking distance of a 1st place finish. Coming in 4th is still a good thing and she is now able to focus on training until the February of 2016 Olympic Trials. She shares her prerace routine including nutrition in a city not her own. We talk about post race celebration tactics and how she physically prepared all summer for this, her A race. Also notice the relative adversity she went through racing this summer in the crazy heat. We also talk about a move to California and the Sonoran Distance Project. The CoolDown is all about sitting down with amazing athletes to peak into their lives as an athlete and otherwise. Enjoy this installment with a humble and talented Athlete On Fire.

Resources from the show

Sonoran Distance Project
Twin Cities Marathon

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