# Bostonstrong

Ray Charbonneau approached me a couple months ago regarding a collaboration called The 27th Mile he was working on that would benefit the victims of the horrific bombing last year at the Boston Marathon. I was psyched. He would introduce some amazing guests and I would share their story as well as be able to tell about the project that I totally believed in.
The charity is The One Fund Boston. Go check it out and listen to these amazing guests. Their names link to their shows below!
Cristina Negron– Shares her story of running for therapy as well as her amazing memoir.
Hal Higdon– He is a legend and takes us through 8 decades of his inspiring life.
Jeff Galloway– Olympian, author, coach and general running ninja. He brains me.
Vanessa Runs– Nomad and running adventuress and author takes us on an adventure.
Ben Tanzer– Passionate runner and author shares how you can learn to pull from your running experiences.
Ray Charbonneau(episode releasing soon)- The 27th Mile editor at large and lifetime runner.

Lastly, what does Boston mean to you? Would you run it this year if you could? I hope my little project helps bring attention to the 27th Mile and The One Fund Boston as well as give you something amazing to listen to while you train.