Don’t be a fan , be an athlete.

I hate to break it to you, being a fan is making you sloppy, overweight, unmotivated, lazy, and uncoordinated. It may be making you poor, or sick. It is annoying people you care about and quite frankly, you are probably becoming dumber because of it.
If that is the harshest thing you have heard this year then you are hanging out with other fanatics. So, why the judgment? Well, the judgment first lies upon myself. I made these observations years ago when I would watch meaningless sports event after meaningless sports event. Back then, I didn’t have kids or three companies, I had so much more time so I could watch these games then go and take care of myself. But NOW, hell no. If I use my free time to watch a bunch of athletes run around, I’d be round. Now, please, let me help. You can still stay in the loop and enjoy watching and being a fan of your favorite team without turning in to George Costanza, sorry George.
The last disclaimer before the fun part of this post. I love sports. I love watching sports. I paid for cable for the first time in 10 years this year because we couldnt get the 3 main channels to watch the Broncos. My dad was a coach and he loved sports. It’s how we did and still do bond. I played college sports. I still play ball all the time. I am more like you than you think. It is addicting and there are too many good things to experience and do that are wasted by watching the efforts of others. And lastly, if this article isn’t for you, it may be for a spouse or buddy, it’s much easier to send a link than to judge a friend. Hope you can share.

“Football is nothing more than thousands of fat men watching a couple dozen fit men run around.”  unknown


Before we get started on how to positively change your habits regarding sports, let’s answer a few questions to see how bad it really is:


  • Do you watch more than 3hrs in a row of any sport? Or, do you watch multiple games without pause?
  • Do you do anything else when you watch sports? Clean, workout, write, play with kids, etc.
  • Do you push people away so you can watch?
  • Do you eat and drink excessively when watching?
  • Do you ever go and play yourself?
  • Have you ever played the sport you are watching?
  • Do people pay to watch you work?
  • Have any of the athletes personally thanked you for paying their million dollar check?
  • Are you where you thought you would be or want to be professionally, financially, intellectually, personally, or otherwise at this point in your life?

Well holy hell, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what the point of the quiz is. Now, let’s do something about it. Let’s look at the definition of fan, which is short for fanatic.

fa*nat*ic-a person filled with excessive and single-minded zeal, especially for an extreme religious or political cause. And we can add, sports team.

My guess is that most people can relate or think of themselves as a fan but when you say the whole word, fanatic, that changes things.  We know what religious and political fanatics look like in society and it ain’t pretty.  Time for some ways to think about and do things differently so you can get your life back without losing the part of sports you love.

6 ways to be a fan and a human:

1. Just cut back– Pick one game each day of the weekend and watch it, but only it. Plan the rest of your day accordingly. Maybe you budget in another game during the week ONLY if you earn it. A 3 mile walk or 10 mile ride might earn you a game on a Tuesday night. You make the rules.
2. Audio- I remember growing up and having to clean the garage or mow the lawn. I wasn’t missing the game so the radio tuned in to it and voila, I am moving and experiencing the game. Your mind will remember the game as your memory constructs it and that’s a bonus, it’s more mentally active than staring slack jawed at a screen all day.
3. Read about the games you don’t care about- Yes, the internet. I am NOT posting links to where you can do this, you already do after watching the dang game for some reason. Get it. Watch the one you really want to, read about the rest.
4. Gamify the game(see actual workouts below)- 10 push ups every touchdown, 15 burpees every home run, 10 jumping jacks every free throw. It’s fun, you can get family involved and you can start getting fit again.
5. Play first, watch later- Join a league, play pick up, or just go train like an athlete. Move first to feel good about chillin with a brew and a burger. If you need help with the training like an athlete part let me know personally, it’s what I do. (
6. Start a hobby business- You have a blog idea, want to podcast, make fishing lures or whatever else there is to be interested in, do it more formally. The brainpower and ambition alone can make watching others succeed seem empty when you can be doing big things yourself.
This is a start. Pick one of these 6 ideas and try it out. If you have any stories on this topic, we would love to share them. If you have any other ways you stay motivated and still enjoy sports we would like to add them to the list. Thanks for reading and Go Broncos!
Gamify the game. Here are three of the more popular fan sports.



gamifybaseball gamifybasketball gamifyfootball

If you made it this far down. Thanks so much for reading. Remember, we interview amazing athletes to bridge the gap for the rest of us.