AOF:186 “Life is either completely daring or nothing at all.”

On the show.  Noah Kaufman of American Ninja Warrior fame and longtime rock climber.


Noah Kaufman is no stranger to pressure.


Competitively he has excelled as a ninja on the popular American Ninja Warrior in front of millions.


He has been scaling rocks as a climber for over twenty years where the risk and the reward is a very real thing.


Professionally, he works as an ER doctor in Fort Collins, Colorado.  #ninjadoc


He finds a way to mesh everything together to bring you great perspective on the show today.  You are gonna learn so much today!


Also on the show

  • Training tips for future ninja’s
  • How he uses the ER for perspective as an athlete
  • His favorite spots to climb in the world
  • What to expect at the inaugural Wolfpack Ninja Tour in Colorado
  • Why speed is important
  • A little info on his favorite climbing surface, quartzite
  • Considerations as a for developing your body as a climber
  • Best place to grab a brew in Ft. Collins
  • Why you should read Johnathon Livingston Seagull

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