AOF:180 Jim Walmsley “Off days are contagious.”

To be able to listen to someone at the top of their respective sport give advice as to what is helping them succeed and to be able to apply it to anyone at any level is what the Athlete On Fire show is all about.

We have done this very well on today’s show. Whether it’s a mental or physical concept, every athlete will be able to take away something interesting to apply to themselves.

On The Show

  • How does he approach running the Grand Canyon?
  • Why did he finish the race after taking a wrong turn at mile 92?
  • What drives him?
  • What is his race strategy coming from high altitude?
  • What mental tricks does he use when competing?
  • His thoughts on days off.
  • Why he is learning French

Links to learn more about Jim

  • His awesome Instagram account
  • A recent Runner’s World article about him
  • About the Western States wrong turn we talk about
  • His Strava Feed.

Enjoy the show!

Jim doing what he does best.
There may be no walking but there sure is ballet in the Grand Canyon!

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