AOF:175 Laura Messner on the key to happiness, OCR myths, and a fitness test you can try today.

This OCR athlete wants to star in the theatre.  Huh?


Yep, and like many endurance athletes she got hooked just by trying it out like the rest of us.

She shares her thoughts on

  • How we should relate with food
  • A great workout any of us can use to test and retest our fitness this offseason
  • What it means to create your own art
  • The keys to her happiness
  • Her biggest weakness as an athlete
  • What she can’t skip to do well in OCR
  • The meal she would make if the president (not the elected) came over

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Want to test and retest your fitness for the first half of 2017?

Download the chart and basics of the fitness test Laura mentioned on the show.

The chart is free and will help you see your improvement until race season!


Download the Tracker

It’s not always a great day racing.

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