AOF:166 Karlyn Pipes Hall Of Fame swimmer talks about addiction, starting college at 35, and why you should swim!

Karlyn Pipes is in the swimming Hall Of Fame but her journey was not a straight line by any means.  Tons of early success in the sport as well as an unstable home and early drinking led to an interesting route.  Dropping out of college and binge drinking for more than ten years led to an intervention that turned it around at 31.  She enrolled in college and to swim at age 35.  Her story is about what it means to get a “Do Over”, and, that it’s never to late to start what you were meant to do.  Enjoy the show.

On The Show

  • She talks about her book and why she wrote it, The Do Over.
  • At 16:20- Her first drink, first buzz.
  • At 21:30 On self loathing and disgust
  • What you should know about Kona, Hawaii
  • A great challenge in the pool for anyone


Reach out to Karlyn

Twitter: @karlynpipes
Instagram:   @karlynpipes
YouTube: karlynpipes
Linkedin: Karlyn Pipes

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