003: Grandmaster Han Won Lee: Olympic Medalist /Successful Businessman

Master Lee shares his inspiring story of coming to the states and picking up the sport he won a Bronze in the 1988 Olympics. He is funny and passionate and has some great advice for parents, athletes, and everyone in between!


In this show learn about:

  • How Master Lee tore his PCL right before Olympic trials, and made it.
  • The difference between visualization and meditation
  • Why he is the Peyton Manning of Taekwondo
  • Why his legacy is important, but not as an athlete
  • Why he tippy toes on competition days
  • He gives parents advice “Don’t be a yuppy parent”
  • What famous NFL coach went to his high school
  • What gave him goosebumps during the show

Quiz on Fire:

  • He’s a Taekwondo Master, why not quiz him on neck ties? Don’t worry, I did.

Success Habit:

  • Visualization- Master Lee dives into this in detail.

Quote on Fire:

  • “Attack this day with enthusiasm this world has never seen.”

Book on Fire:

  • West Point Way of Leadership
  • What To Say When You Talk To Yourself,/li>

Connect with Master Han:

Website: Han Won Lee Academy

Athlete on Fire resources inspired by Master Lee’s interview:

Derrick Redmond Inspiring Olympic Moment

Fitness on Fire

Master Lee has a great workout for you all to try out, ideally while you listen to his show. And don’t worry, we have a less intimidating version so anyone can get out there and get moving!