All Day Athletes:06 The two hour rule.

This post is part of the series “All Day Athletes”.  To read the first of the series click HERE.


Everyone is busy.  But even worse, everyone thinks they have to put one continuous hour of exercise together to reap any benefits.  That is simply not true. The cumulative effect of exercise can be met with short sets.  This post is about never letting 2 hours go by without moving with a purpose.  It’s great for your mind too!

Before we share the workout:

Here is a featured podcast of an athlete who is always moving:
Mark Jones – He has been through some tough times and training for crazy big endurance events is part of his DNA.  we doubt he ever stops.



This workout is best for:

  • Anyone who wants to get more efficient with their movement
  • Anyone who wants some new ideas about fitness.
  • Anyone who has a few extra minutes(everyone)
  • Anyone.


We are a sedentary culture these days.  Some by choice, some not.  To even write this article I had to sit down for an hour.  Computers are part of our life but they don’t have to sabotage them.  We are introducing the TWO HOUR RULE. Once you get up in the morning you should never go more than 2 hours without voluntary movement.  Below are some ideas to break the two hours with movement.

NOTE:  This is a suggested workout for people that understand their own limits, have been cleared to exercise, and want to improve their fitness in a busy, busy world.

The Two Hour Rule:

Mini sets to break up your two hours throughout the day.

Pick on exercise from Column A and one from Column B every 2 hours. They may only take a few minutes!

Column A

1. 25 squats

2. 50 push ups

3. One minute plank

4. 50 dips(bench or chair)

5. 50 calf raises

6. 20 lunges/leg

7. 20 pull ups

8. 20 side lunges/leg


Column B

1. 100 jumping jacks

2. 400 meter jog

3. 5 minutes walking stairs

4. 10 minute bike ride

5. 3 minutes running in place

6. 50 mountain climbers


All Day Athletes will be a regular series on how to get the most out of your busy day no matter what level you are as an athlete, and yes everyone is an Athlete! These will help you get on track and at the very base, think differently about your training.

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