087 Travis McKenzie: Triathlete, lululemon race director, mental health advocate.

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Australian rules football? Yeah, we finally learn what that’s all about. Growing up on the Gold Coast in Australia around a triathlete dad and plenty of great AFL future players set the stage for our guest. Tons of great triathletes have come right out of his backyard and has quite the racing resume himself. Oh, and don’t forget, he is the race director of one of the biggest running events hosted by one of the coolest active companies out there, Lululemon. He shares some of how the pressure of live events can help in other areas of life. He is also a mental health advocate and shares his very personal, powerful story relating to the topic. We hope you enjoy this inspiring an energetic episode of Athlete On Fire.[/bgsection]

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In This Show We Hear

  • When and where he got started racing in triathlons
  • What sport triathlon was conditioning for!
  • Who in his faily got him started
  • All about Australian rules football
  • His passionate take on mental health
  • All about the charities he is involved in
  • Why he loves race directing
  • A couple crazy live event trouble shooting stories
  • What he is planning next


Quote on Fire

“Never ever give up, not even a little bit.”

Quiz on Fire

Teaches us all about Australian rules football.

Connect With Travis

Success Habit

Working hard.

Other Cool Things From The Show:

Seawheeze Run – Travis is the Race Director
Chimp Charity Fundraising

Fitness On Fire: Travis

Listen to his challenge on the show or go to our brand new Fitness On Fire page to learn more.

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