076 Jordan Giarratano: Keeping the art in martial artist.

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Artist. Teacher. Speaker. These define our guest who takes us on his journey to where he is now as an unlikely business owner in Seattle. We find out why keeping some traditions and letting others go is important as he says it best, “how do we take the beauty of the past for our present.” An academic in all things martial arts he shares a condensed history of the origins of the sport he loves. How he went from 5 to 60 students and why he is vested in each student. We learn some great mental tips for competing and overall training philosophy. Plug those earphones in for another inspiring Athlete On Fire.[/bgsection]

“Suck it up cupcake.”

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In This Show We Hear

  • How his early days were spent playing Tekken
  • How he got into martial arts
  • How his Seattle Dojo grew
  • Why losing is so important to learning
  • Learn about Gichin Funakoshi
  • Mental tips to perform at a high level
  • He thought he was going to be a comic artist
  • His Muay Thai inspired Fitness On Fire
  • The importance of intuition and avoiding


Quote on Fire

“It’s not about daily increase but daily decrease. Hack away the unnecessary.”

Quiz on Fire

We found out how much Jordan knows about cosplay.

Connect With Jordan

Success Habit

Working hard.

Book on Fire:

Tao of Jeet Kune Do

Other Cool Things From The Show:

Duke Roufus:

Sylvie Von Douglas-Ittu

my teacher: Master Leonard Galli

Fitness On Fire: Jordan

Listen to his challenge on the show or go to our brand new Fitness On Fire page to learn more.

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