068 Chris Burkard: Arctic surfing, deathly travel, and how one photographer turned a passion into his life.

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Bone chilling, amazing and awe-inspiring would be a few ways to describe our next guests body of work. A California based photographer go to the ends of the earth to capture amazing athletes, mostly surfers, engaging the wild around them. The juxtaposing of athlete and artic swell will leave you speechless. In this episode we learn how he got to where he is today. A self taught photographer who has built his own career out of talent and passion will share some great stories of his journey. He is an athlete too. You can’t imagine the conditions he has to overcome to get these shots and we dive into the mental toughness it takes to withstand bitter cold and crazy weather. We hope this show takes you to places you’ve never imagined, before you knew they were possible. Enjoy our newest Athlete On Fire show![/bgsection]

“The ocean has a way of shutting you down.”

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In This Show We Hear

  • His childhood of finding excuses to get to the beach
  • Another cold shower aficionado
  • Why the horizon line is so important
  • How he became a self taught photographer
  • What habit helps his success
  • Why Yoga?
  • About his upcoming children’s book
  • Why jumping off the pier isn’t always a good thing
  • His thoughts on fatherhood
  • “My mom is my full on hero”
  • Who is inspiring him right now


Quote on Fire

“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs.
When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.” Ansel Adams

Quiz on Fire

We take this one around the world with some quick hitting stories from his travels.

Connect With Chris

Success Habit

Getting up very early.


Book on Fire:

Monkey Wrench Gang



Fitness On Fire: Chris

Listen to his challenge on the show or go to our brand new Fitness On Fire page to learn more.

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