Challenging Routine

Although I don’t like to admit it, I’m a big ‘rules’ person. I like structure.
We’re all like this to some degree. It’s hard to deny that routine is comfortable!


This semester I’m trying to challenge myself to be more aware of the rules that govern my life.
The little things that I, and ‘society,’ as it were, have installed somewhere in my mind to keep order and routine in my life.


So, what am I talking about?


As an example, here are a few of the ‘rules’ I’ve noticed in my life:
– When noon hits, I’m ready for lunch whether I’m hungry or not.
– If I’m wearing anything other than ‘running clothes,’ I can’t run.
– As a woman, I often feel the need to apologize for the way I feel.
– In a classroom, even if I feel like standing, I sit down.


You get it.
I’m not saying that these ‘rules’ are inherently bad, but I think it’s beneficial to acknowledge that I’ve made a place for them in my life. I see them as rules, even though they really aren’t.


Something to think about. Breaking these little self- or society- imposed ‘rules’ can be extremely uncomfortable, but it can also be empowering!


Challenge: Try it out! Take note of a few of the little rules that govern your daily routine. They’re often so ingrained that they’re not always easy to see! Whether you challenge the rule or not is up to you — but allow yourself the opportunity to acknowledge that these tiny rules exist. Once you find them, you might start to question the logic behind their existence.