051 Darren De Heras: How something as simple as a sharpie and a name can inspire.

Our guest has always been a motivated athlete. From his days as an 88 lb wrestler in high school who eventually coached his own team when the coach was let go, he proves that size means nothing. You will get a glimpse into the drive and motivation as he shares what a “hard” training day is like. It is simpy unbelievable. He shares two mental tools/tricks that help with endurance events and he is the founder of the largest obstacle course race team out there. If you weren’t sweating when you started todays show you will be by the end. Join us for another amazing Athlete On Fire!


In this show hear:

  • How his athletic career got started
  • That he was the worst and least athletic wrestler on the team
  • When he got his start coaching
  • His parents journey into business
  • Why he gets “lunatic” a lot
  • His amazing experience with a blind athlete
  • How he got into his first Death Race
  • What is team SISU
  • 120 miles with a 40lb cross?
  • Two unique mental strategies
  • What he uses his sharpie for

“Little but mighty.” His daughters favorite quote.

Success Habit:

  • Taking action.
  • darenprof2

Quote on Fire:

  • “Failure is not an option.”

Quiz on Fire:

      He has a daughter in Girl Scouts. His knowledge on the subject is quite impressive.

Book on Fire:

Never Wipe Your Ass With A Squirrel


Connect with Daren:


Resources mentioned during the show:

Weeple Army

Fitness On Fire: Daren

Listen to his challenge on the show: You have to listen but it involves 1000 reps and a steam room.
Links coming soon(FOF is going through a redesign)!

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