The 36 things: A list worth trying for in my 36th year.

This may be the simplest post you’ll ever see. I turned 36 and I wanted to come up with 36 things I can work on to make it a great year. It really wasn’t that hard. It’s not because I am so flawed but rather because I am an athlete and athletes like to get better. There are things from personal to professional to physical and everything in between and let’s face it, we all need to call our grandparents more often.

36 things:

1. relax more
2. travel more
3. hang out with my boys
4. efficient technology use
5. run more
6. ride more
7. drink more water
8. drink less caffeine
9. eat better
10. cuss less(maybe)
11. make people feel better
12. cook unique food
13. create more(especially for athlete on fire)
14. stay focused
15. stay enthusiastic
16. keep reaching out to people I don’t know
17. keep nurturing relationships of people I do know
18. baby sit friends’ kids more often
19. be more romantic
20. put on more fun events
21. keep high integrity with my businesses
22. make AOF more engaging
23. train more virtual clients
24. help my clients reach more goals
25. inspire
26. learn from others
27. continue to be bold, everyday
28. practice humility
29. get stronger
30. train Lauren for a mt. ultra
31. continue to get the word out about my dad’s kidney
32. support my friends in business
33. call my grandparents more
34. work on my strengths
35. don’t worry about my weaknesses
36. GROW

So that’s it, 36 things I will work on this year. What are you working on? I’d love to hear. Remember. I am, you are, everyone is an athlete!
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